How Phen-Pro Plays a Significant Role in Medical Weight Loss Programs

A considerable number of people around the world are suffering from obesity or being overweight. Many of them have tried several techniques and medications but failed to reduce the extra fat. Modern scientific researchers and medical practitioners felt the need for developing some regimen with a sole aim of burning fat and reducing weight. Medical weight loss has since been designed to help individuals with their specific weight loss goals, whether it be to lose 100 pounds or those last stubborn 10 pounds.

This growing obsession with svelte bodies and lean muscle mass has led to the search for drugs that would eventually help obese people. Miracle drug, as some might like to call it, is Phen-Pro. A mélange and an effective cocktail of carefully chosen drugs, Phen-Pro facilitates greater and more rapid weight loss.

What Is Phen-Pro and How Does It Work?

Phen-Pro, as the name suggests, refers to the combination of two prescription drugs namely, Phentermine and Prozac. Each of these two prescription drugs have different roles to play. Phentermine acts as an appetite suppressant that affects central nervous system by stimulating the neurotransmitters, which are responsible for curbing hunger and increasing hunger as their secondary functions. Prozac, also known as fluoxetine, acts as an antidepressant.

Phentermine not only suppresses appetite and prolongs the longevity of satiety, it also stimulates norepinephrine, serotonin and ephinephrine in the brain which may exacerbate the level of stress as well. This is the time when Prozac comes into play as its anti-depressant property renders the body poised to deal with the stress. The combination of these two drugs also makes sure that the side effects of either of them are reduced or minimized. In addition, when the period of appetite suppression is increased, it is natural that the body’s propensity to take in more calories also gets reduced. Therefore, weight loss occurs sooner than what can be expected from other pound reduction aids.

Is it safe to take Phen-Pro? What are its probable side-effects, if any?

Almost over two decades ago, Phentermine was used in combination with Fenfluramine (Fen) and the drug thus obtained for treating obesity was Fen-Phen. This combination resulted in more rapid weight loss as compared to when these two drugs were taken separately. Fen-Phen was so effective that it burned fat deposits even without doing physical exercise . However, the U.S. FDA banned Fenfluramine in 1997 after many reports linking the Fen-Phen cocktail to the lethal valvular heart disease or primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH).

Prozac was then introduced as a replacement of Fenfluramine by Dr. Michael Anchors, who in his report regarding the use of Phen-Pro declared it safer than Fen-Phen. Being the main proponent of Phen-Pro, Dr. Anchors carried out several clinical trials of Phen-Pro drug that involved over 2,600 patients over the course of eight years. He apparently found that not even one patient developed PPH or any other side effects.

Phen-Pro, as suggested by many medical practitioners, works well when used in conjunction with a healthy, reduced-diet, and exercise regimen. For the first six weeks, Phen-Pro results weight loss by an average of two pounds per week, and afterwards it stabilizes at one pound per week. As far as the quantities of individual drugs in the combination were concerned, 30 mg Phentermine was mixed with 20 mg of fluoxetine (Prozac) and administered to 711 patients in 1999. As a result, these patients lost an average of 11% of their weight, while 20% of them were able to achieve a body mass index of 25, which was much higher before taking the drug.

Insofar the serious side-effects of Phen-Pro have not been established as of yet, but there are common ones that can be expected: dry mouth, constipation, sweating, rapid heartbeat, and drowsiness.

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