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BOTOX® Facial Rejuvenation Services in LA

Today’s proven methods for non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation allow you to age gracefully, safely, and with natural-looking outcomes. Offering cosmetic injections administered by a licensed physician, our office helps you achieve a fresh, youthful countenance with virtually no downtime.

BOTOX is a purified protein and neuromodulator that has been studied for nearly a century and used successfully for decades. It is considered the gold standard for softening creases and deep facial lines. When injected, BOTOX and newer proteins like Dysport and Xeomin relax overused (hyperkinetic) muscles and prevent the contractions that lead to unsightly wrinkles. As a leading San Gabriel Valley BOTOX provider, Dr. Leroy has been administering these treatments since 1999.

BOTOX® & Neuromodulator Applications

Dr. Leroy injects BOTOX into many areas of the face, depending on your aesthetic goals. The procedure is brief and virtually painless, and outcomes are noticeable within one to two weeks.*

Placement options include:

• Glabella. Area between the eyebrows that develops lines associated with frowning or furrowing.
• Forehead. Horizontal forehead lines and “worry lines.”
• Eyes. Wrinkles at the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet).
• Mouth. Vertical wrinkles and marionette lines (also called lipstick or smoker lines).
• Chin & neck. Cobbled chin, vertical bands in the neck, and slack jawline.

*Results may vary from person to person

Benefits of Neuromodulators

The effectiveness of BOTOX is unquestioned, but outcomes are best achieved when a licensed practitioner performs the procedure. Dr. Leroy has years of experience selecting the optimal dose and placement for your individual needs. He artfully administers BOTOX, Dysport and Xeomin to achieve a rested, glowing appearance without leaving clients looking “frozen” or expressionless. When you trust Dr. Leroy to administer BOTOX, you will enjoy safe, customized outcomes that look natural and are uniquely suited to your goals and facial features.

Neuromodulators are commonly combined with dermal fillers for an enhanced, cumulative effect. BOTOX quiets the dynamic lines and wrinkles created by years of expression, and fillers make creases and lines less noticeable by plumping and softening the skin. As an added advantage, BOTOX prevents further development of lines and extends the duration of tissue fillers by reducing excessive muscle contraction.

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