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With 100’s of medical weight loss options near Yorba Linda, CA and the surrounding Los Angeles area, Thinner At Last is truly a unique weight loss center in regards to their service, care and results. Since 1995, the medical staff at Thinner At Last has been practicing medicine promoting health and wellness to thousands of patients over his 22 years (and counting) in practice. 

We create a unique and personalized and weight management program using a Phen-Pro diet plan, and a controlled diet. Get maximum benefits at affordable prices.  Weight loss is a complex problen, we can help you simplify.

Medical Weight Loss in Yorba Linda, CA

The rising awareness regarding the ill effects of obesity and being overweight has resulted in the development of various techniques and methods for shedding extra pounds. Thinner At Last’s offers a multi-channel approach focused on food, exercise, and medication to render a lasting weight loss and management regimen, working closely with dieticians, nutritionists, and fitness experts. Our knowledgable  medical practitioners and high quality service is hard to find anywhere else and our successful programs have changed thousands of lives for better.

Why Us?

  • Detailed program procedures
  • Validation of medical history
  • Non-addictive medications without side effects
  • Highly professional and trained staff
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Focused approach towards exercise, dietary changes, and safe medications
  • Optimal control of diet
  • Utilizing Vitamin B6 and B12 for weight loss
  • Program designed to reduce weight and boost energy and overall health
  • Proven combination of appetite suppressants and serotonin promoters

Time to Change the Way You Look and Feel

Thinner At Last is committed to providing the best possible service to completely overhaul your health and fitness. Our weight management program is positively impacting the lives of our customers and we’re confident we’ll help you achieve your best possible outcomes by creating your unique and individualized weight loss regimen utilizing exercise, medicine and diet. 


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