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San Gabriel Valley Weight Loss Program

Weight control is a complex medical process that deserves care from a specially trained medical team. Dr. Jennings and his team understand the science of weight control and each of its factors, which include stress management, chemical rebalancing, cravings relief, hormone balancing, glycemic load, and behavior modification. It is important to realize that safe, effective weight loss does not hinge on willpower, but on the ability to integrate modern medical techniques with a healthier mindset and lifestyle.

At the heart of Thinner At Last’s weight loss and diet program is the Phen-Pro medicated weight loss plan. Phen-Pro incorporates the judicious use of prescription medications along with customized nutritional and caloric advice, exercise options, and lifestyle recommendations to achieve your personal weight loss goals. Depending upon your individual needs, Dr. Jennings and his team may recommend the use of these prescription medications during your medical weight loss program:

• Central nervous system (CNS) stimulants like phentermine & phentamedrazine
• Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)

The Thinner at Last Program is the most cutting-edge and effective physician-administered weight management system in the United States. During your program, you will have access to a personal physician/nurse team. Each is available to discuss your progress, answer your questions, and consult throughout your treatment course. Clients love the Thinner at Last weight management program because there are no specialized foods to purchase or prepare, and no demanding diet to follow. This amazing plan has an astounding 95 percent success rate (10,000 patients since 1995)!

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With over three decades of experience helping clients look and feel their best, the Thinner At Last medical team are proud to help clients achieve their weight loss goals and age with grace. To learn more about our Thinner at Last diet plan administered by a qualified medical team, or to schedule a consultation, call 909.592.1961 or submit a confidential online inquiry!

Patient Testimonials*

“If you need help losing weight, he’s the doctor for you. The staff is extremely helpful and always cheerful.” – Tammy F.

“The most affordable one stop shop with the most up to date procedures and the best weight loss system.  Hands downs the BEST AROUND!!!” – Monica A.

“I’ve been a patient of Thinner At Last for almost 10 years, and I would highly recommend him for both weight loss and anti-aging therapies.” – Rick W.

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know the amazing staff of professionals at this office for many years and would highly recommend Thinner At Last for all your specific skin, and weight loss needs.” -Petrina R.

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