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Medical Diet Program

The Phen-Pro program offered by our practice is a comprehensive, physician-administered plan that helps clients safely and effectively achieve their long-term weight loss goals. More than just a diet, Phen-Pro encourages holistic lifestyle changes that enhance your health and help you maintain your ideal weight for years to come.

Advantages of the Phen-Pro Program

Many of our clients have tried other weight loss programs without success or have become frustrated by the fatigue, low energy, and temperament changes they experience on the latest fad diet. The Phen-Pro Diet is different. It is designed to increase energy, improve self-esteem, and boost your health through a proven combination of appetite suppressants and serotonin promoters. Benefits of the Thinner At Last program include:

• Maximized appetite suppression—without feeling hollow or hungry
• Optimal craving control
• Higher metabolism
• Improved caloric burn
• No costly, pre-prepared foods to purchase
• Proven success rate (95% of 10,000+ clients)

Experience Rapid Body Changes

The Phen-Pro Diet uses non-addictive medications that can be taken for long periods without side effects. These medications have been safely used for over 20 years, and our professionally trained staff will recommend the dose that delivers best-possible outcomes for your unique situation. Gone are the days of starvation diets and expensive meal replacements. With the amazing Phen-Pro Diet, you will enjoy healthy changes in body weight without raising your blood pressure, relying on amphetamines, or worrying about heart valve disease and pulmonary hypertension.

Based on waist measurements or an elevated body mass index (BMI), you may be considered obese. Impacting more than your self- confidence, obesity and BMI over 25 lead to adverse health effects and increased chance of heart attack, stroke, and other conditions. Studies show that even small changes—on the order of five to 10 percent of body weight—deliver remarkable health improvements. Use the BMI calculator below to determine your BMI and learn your ideal weight and daily caloric recommendation.

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Los Angeles Medical Weight Loss Experts

During your comprehensive initial consultation, the trained staff at Thinner At Last will help you establish a goal weight and lay out the steps to achieve this objective through exercise, dietary changes, and the judicious use of safe medications. Discover what the Phen-Pro diet has done for thousands of patients, and begin your journey to a lifetime of health and fitness today!

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