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Restylane® RADIESSE® in Los Angeles

Combining advanced technology with the industry’s leading product lines, our experienced team can help you refresh your youth and slow the aging process—naturally and beautifully. One of the methods we use to accomplish your aesthetic goals is the application of dermal fillers (also called tissue fillers). These time-tested products can be used virtually anywhere on the face: filling in deep wrinkles and creases and delivering a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Dermal Filler Applications

Each client is unique, so our licensed, physician-led team provides a customized one-on-one consultation to determine where fillers may benefit you. Our medical staff has been providing clients with the latest dermal filler technology since 2003, and he specializes in Restylane® (Silk, -L, and Lyft), BELOTERO BALANCE®, RADIESSE®,VOLUMA XC fillers.

Common placement of dermal fillers includes the lips, cheeks, and tear troughs, as well as:

  • Nasolabial folds. Long, vertical lines between the bottom of the nose and cners of mouth.
  • Marionette lines. Vertical creases between corners of mouth and the jaw.
  • Jowls. Tissue pockets caused by fat cells dropping from the upper to lower face over time.
  • Glabella. Area between the eyebrows that develops lines associated with frowning or furrowing.

Types of Dermal Fillers

While there are many fillers on the market, we are highly selective about tissue fillers. Choosing the best product for your objective and applying it with precision are the most important steps to achieving success. Filler options include:


Formulated from hyaluronic acid, the Restylane family of products is used to correct moderate to severe facial folds, creases, and wrinkles—and to plump thinning lips. The injectable gel is FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness, and its effects last between six and 12 months (depending on skin type, age, and aesthetic goals).


BELOTERO BALANCE is another hyaluronic acid formulation that integrates into the skin tissue to plump and fill etched lines and wrinkles. It is most commonly used to fill in nasolabial folds, and is FDA-approved for safety and efficacy.


Made from calcium hydroxyapatite, the base material of human teeth and bones, RADIESSE is well suited to restoring fullness and vigor to the mid- and low face and back of the hands, and is used to smooth nose bumps via a “non-surgical nose job.” FDA approved for over two decades, the product has been proven safe and effective for smoothing facial creases, deep wrinkles, and lines. RADIESSE is bioengineered in a lab setting and is free of allergenic or infectious agents. One syringe is often sufficient to improve a large portion of the face, and results last up to 18 months.

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