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Nutritional Supplements to Slow Aging

The medical staff at Thinner At Last encourage clients to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle during weight loss and beyond, and this often includes the routine use of nutritional skin care supplements. Taken orally, these supplements help to enhance your appearance and restore self-confidence throughout your weight loss and rejuvenation journey.

Nutraceuticals are relatively new to the market. Formerly used to target overall wellness and slow the aging process, today’s nutritional supplements deliver more specific health benefits—especially for the skin. Dr. Leroy is an experienced practitioner specializing in doctor-prescribed skin care nutraceuticals from a trustworthy network of physician-regulated companies. We offer over 1,000 medical-grade supplements from companies that verify the purity and content of each product, and supplements are available both in-office and online. Product lines include:

• Pure Encapsulations
• Metagenics
• NewGreens
• Nordic Naturals
• Integrative Therapeutics
• Iagen Biologics
• Thorne Research
• Innate Response
• Pure Prescriptions
• Douglas Laboratories

Benefits of Skin Care Supplementation

Skin nutrition is based on the idea that proper supplementation supports skin health from inside the body. Just as you fuel your body with quality greens, proteins, and carbohydrates, Dr. Leroy recommends powerful supplements that focus on dietary protocols and deliver “beauty from within.” When combined with exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and our medically proven skin care procedures, nutraceuticals are a cost-effective way to achieve many of your beauty objectives. Also called “nutricosmetics,” these oral supplements help to synthesize collagen, slow the aging process, hydrate skin, and encourage a more youthful appearance.

Los Angeles Nutritional Supplement Experts

Helping you rethink skin care from the inside out, Dr. Leroy and his team carry hundreds of high-caliber supplements backed by scientific research. To learn more about our nutricosmetic product lines, or to speak with a team member about supplements for hair, skin, and nails, call 909.592.1961 today!


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