50 Tips to Get the Most Out Of Your Gym Workout Routine

Whether you’re a seasoned or a novice in the workout game, everybody has questions on how to make the time the spend in their workout more effective and beneficial. It’s a fact that when it comes to working out most people often ask:

  • How do I get the most out of my workout?
  • What should I do before working out?
  • How can I get better results at the gym?
  • How can I further enhance my fitness level?

No one wants to get the so-so results at gym. Everyone wants to get 100 percent out of every run, rep & sweat as possible. Fortunately there are many effective ways that can help you get the most out of your Gym workout schedule.

This mega guide presents 50 amazingly effective strategies on how to get the most out of your your workouts.

1. Make a plan

To avoid moving around the gym aimlessly from one corner to another, come up with clear workout objectives and then make a plan to accomplish them before you hit the gym.

2. Just do it

There is a huge different between wanting to do something and actually doing it. So stop thinking too much about it, just do it! Stop the whining and use visualization plus positive affirmation to motivate yourself and to reap the most out of your training.

3. Commit

Dedicate yourself to the quest. You can easily do this by just taking the first few steps towards an attractive and healthier you and then commit to them. Keep doing it for at least 30 days to make the training habit stick.

4. Listen to music

Research shows that music enhances your body’s levels of dopamine and serotonin (hormones that initiate recovery).So to get the most out of your time in the gym, try listening to some of your favorite songs once you get out of the gym. This will help your pulse rate and blood pressure get back to normal as well as shorten your recovery period.

5. Mobilize

Connect with like minded people on the different social media platforms. There are also fitness tailored applications like Gain Fitness and Fitocracy that have great communities which help people to move more, eat well and stay motivated.

6. Try new things

Try new things like coming up with your own move at a Zumba class or swinging a kettle bell. Doing this in a new environment with new people, will go a long way in making the workout habit stick.

7. Go for Compound exercises

Instead of going for workouts like the bicep purl which only focus on a specific muscle, maximize your workout time by going for workouts that work on multiples muscles at once. Good examples of compound exercises include deadlifts, squats and bench presses.

8. Use free weights

Although weight machines are ideal for helping novices in the game learn the ropes, it is not good to stick with them for a long period. Move to free weights once you learn the correct form. Exercising with free weights like kettle bells, barbells and dumbbells cause better hormonal responses compared to exercises done on machines.

9. Fuel your body properly

Your muscles need protein to rebuild. So if you are going to get anything at all out of your training, whether it is strength training or cardio, you need to consume a lot of protein. Soy or whey protein is highly recommended for this.

10. Get enough sleep

Lack of enough sleep not only affects your workout performance negatively, but it can also affect your ability to come back stronger after each exercise. In addition without enough sleep symptoms of tiredness such as fitness plateaus can also set in. So aim for at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

11. Good form

Form is very crucial for anyone who is exercising. If you are strength training, go for lighter weights at first to help adjust your form. Avoid foregoing form for heavier weights.

12. Ask for help

Learn the dos and don’ts of your gym workout from the word go. You can consider getting a fitness assessment of your daily workout or talking to trainer to learn the ropes.

13. Go for carbs first before you head to the gym

Make sure you incorporate carbs in your fitness workout plans. Carbs are your body’s main fuel for any workout and when your body is properly fueled, it is going to put forward a better performance and you will get a better value in terms of muscle growth and caloric expenditure.

14. Limit your workout routine to between 30 and 40 minutes

Although most people think that spending a lot of in the gym is the best strategy if you want to get the most out of your workout, the truth is that after 30 minutes the benefits of your workout program start to diminish. So it is always a good idea to train at a higher intensity for a
shorter time.

15. Switch things up

Performing various variations of weight exercises changes the target muscles, leading to better gains than if you did the same gym exercise in for a month. Also remember to alter those variations every 4 weeks to keep your body guessing.

16. Slow lifting

Lifting slowly and releasing slowly maximizes every move.Try to lift and lower to a 5-second count in each direction for maximum benefits.

17. Avoid higher-fat meals for up to four hours before workouts

Studies show that a high-fat meal affects the ability of nitric oxide to expand blood vessels for a maximum of 4 hours. This basically means less flow of blood to your muscles and less muscle pump. So avoid taking higher fat meals 4 hours before the workout. This includes packaged foods and fast foods.

18. Hills

For those who are running, walking or biking, you will want to include hills in your workout program. This will not only make you stronger but will also make your workout time more effective.

19. Balance lifting

Instead of going for those exercises that you do while sitting down go for those that you do on a Swiss exercise ball or those that you do when standing up .They will force your body to balance which will help bring your vital muscles into action. In the end this will give you a flexible and healthier body and will allow you to lift more!

20. Carbs

As mentioned earlier carbs are you body’s primary source of fuel. If you are into intense training, you will not have enough energy if you don’t take lots of carbs. A banana is a good example of a carb with low fiber.

21. Take green salad before the workout

Eating green salad with your last meal just before heading to the gym will help your blood vessels vasodilate by increasing nitrite acid. So before you head to the gym try to taking some green salad.

22. Drink chocolate milk

Chocolate milk has a 4 to 1 carbs to protein ratio which is ideal for recovery. The carbohydrates will replenish your energy stores while the protein will promote muscle repair. After every workout try taking a glass of chocolate milk and you will be glad you did!

23. Train like an Athlete

Although large biceps are attractive, they are unlikely to contribute anything to your health. So instead of working out like a body builder, train like an athlete. Incorporate kettle bell swings, sprints and plyometrics in your gym exercises to add variety and intensity while enhancing general fitness.

24. Warm up

Dynamic warm-ups that mimic the exercise you are going to perform enhance your overall range of motion and increase blood flow without affecting your tendons’ and muscles’ elasticity. So for example, if you are going to run, it is good perform about 5 to 15 minutes of knee raises, leg swings and lunges before you hit the treadmill.

25. Shake before and after

It is also good idea to have a carb or protein shake just before and after the workout. This will enhance the flow of amino acids to the muscles during the session giving them the necessary building blocks and will stimulate muscle growth after the workout.

26. Limit rest periods.

A long rest period can easily lead to a lower pulse rate and boredom.Try to limit the rest time to about 30 seconds.

27. Pick an exercise and workout schedule that you enjoy

You won’t go far if you are exercising and you hate it. Go for something that you fancy-it could be rowing, running, biking or walking.

28. Indulge in a massage

A post workout massage will not only make you feel good, but it will also influence the genes in your muscles to reduce inflammation and enhance the number of mitochondria which will help with recovery and strength training next time you hit the gym.

29. Hydrate

Any experienced fitness trainer will tell you that losing just 2 percent of your body fluids during training can make your training feel harder, reduce your body’s ability to recover significantly and reduce your overall performance. So make sure you hydrate well every day. One once of water every day should be enough.

30. Boost your exercises by adding weights

If you have mastered basic lunges and squats, it is time to amplify your training. You can do this by holding a medicine ball or a set of dumbbells to make the moves more challenging.

31. Do intervals

High intensity workouts for a few minutes interspersed with low or short intensity breaks come with more fat loss and cardiovascular benefits than any other type of workout. You can do this by doing several reps for 30 seconds, resting for 5 seconds and then repeating the same for 5 minutes.

32. Don’t waste time during transitions

Make every second count. For example when you are figuring out your next exercise and you need a minute to think, default to jumping rope, quick feet or high knees to keep you pulse rate up.

33. Talk about it

Open up to friends and family about your successes and setbacks. You can also create a blog to get other people involved in your journey. This will encourage accountability and boost motivation.

34. Improvise

No equipment or the equipment is faulty? Be creative. Go for a yoga class, body weight exercises or a run. You can also go for a jump rope or a resistance band.

35. Compete

Research shows that human beings perform better when they compete. So run as fast as you can or try to set a new one rep maximum. You have nothing to lose by having a bigger goal.

36. Partner up

Get a partner. This will help you get better results and you will enjoy the workout without feeling like it is a task.

37 .Supplement Timing

Take your pre-workout supplements at the right time so that they are ingested a few minutes before your meal and at least one hour before your training. This is ideal as they will get into your system when you start training and hence boost your overall performance.

38. Your phone should be on airplane mode when training

Your time at the gym is the only time you get to invest in your health, so turn that phone off to
avoid any distraction.

39. Invest in a heart rate monitor

A heart rate monitor will give you a rough idea about your intensity level during the workout. This will show you where you need to improve and will ensure that you are not overdoing it

40. Go at the right time

Trying the gym at a time that you are comfortable with mean you can work harder. Morning workouts are usually the best, but if it is not appropriate for you, go at any other time that you are fully rested.

41. Follow a particular training program tailored to your objectives

Although variety is very important when working out, don’t do many different ones that you never have an opportunity to track your progress.

42. Put on the right clothes

You are not going to get the most out of your workout if you are not wearing something comfortable made of breathable fabric in a design that makes you feel flexible and powerful. Although this might seem like a cliché, having the right clothes will make a very huge difference in your workout.

43. Blend cardio and strength

Blending strength and cardio training is not only safer but will also make sure that you get all the important cardiovascular benefits.

44. Try to master foam rolling

Foam rolling will enhance your range of motion which means you will get more out of every push-up, lunge and squat.

45. Pair exercises in sets

This is a great way to work efficaciously towards a certain objective and minimize your rest time. You can do this by choosing 2 different exercises and then performing them back to back to complete a single set. Rest for a few seconds and then repeat the entire procedure twice.

46. Learn some yoga

Basic yoga is not only natural and pure as any other type of exercise, but it can also help you in contracting some of your muscles to lengthen others which is very important if you want to get the most out of your workout.

47. Track your progress

Record the sets, reps and exercises during each workout. Then use this information to come up with new exercises that are a bit more challenging than the previous ones.

48. Coffee in the morning

A cup of pre-workout coffee helps stimulate the central nervous system so that you have a little more energy in your training. It will also make the training feel more enjoyable and comfortable which means you are more likely to push faster, better, stronger and harder.

49. Keep off the machines

Lying down or sitting down while working out reduces your body’s engagement .So avoid machines that force you to do so and only go for bodyweight exercises and weights that support normal human functionality.


50. Celebrate progress

Keep in mind that change doesn’t come overnight and acquiring a new habit is not easy, so set realistic objectives. Also start with actionable but small steps towards those objectives. And don’t forget to celebrate whenever you accomplish a particular goal. You can reward yourselfwith a healthy homemade meal or take a short break from the routine and allow yourself
to indulge a little.

Having said that, the ideas listed in this guide on how to get the best workout possible’ are very easy to implement if you are committed to your objectives. So if you want the best results every time you work out, follow these 50 effective gym workout tips to working out and it will happen.

Have a plan, partner up, record your progress and until next time!

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