7 Fun Physical Activities to Get You Moving and Help with Weight Loss


For most Americans, losing weight is a hard-fought battle that is rarely won. A major obstacle to success is that it can feel too much like work, which is why many of us avoid things like diet and exercise.

The problem is one of perspective.

Who said that being active should be a chore? There are so many fun workout routines that there is no reason that you can’t become more physically active. Discover the best ways to incorporate more exercise into your life without making it seem like you’re “working out.”

Top Fun Exercises that Can Help Promote Weight Loss

First and foremost, you need to change your mindset when it comes to losing weight. Instead of treating it as something that you have to do, turn it into something that you want to do. One of the best ways to adjust your thinking is to take up an activity that is fun and engaging that has a side effect of weight loss.

This way, you want to continue to exercise without feeling like it’s work. Here are some great ideas to help you get started.


If you’ve ever been to a gym, you’ve probably heard or seen the zumba craze. Regardless of your thoughts on zumba, the fact is that it can be a lot of fun while also helping you get into shape. For most people, it’s a way to relieve stress and socialize with others, so it feels less like a workout and more like a fun activity.

Dancing (Non-Zumba)

If you don’t like the idea of sweating to fast-tempo songs with other people in a class, then there are other forms of dancing that are just as engaging. Any type of dance increases your movement while helping you get in better shape. Each form of dance has different effects on your body, but each one can create fun workout routines depending on your preferred style.

● Ballet: improved flexibility and strength
● Swing: better stamina and heart health
● Salsa: improved stamina and endurance
● Belly dancing: better core strength and control
● Desi Jam cardio: improved endurance and heart rate
● Masala bhangra: better flexibility and core strength

Bike Riding

Why not take in the great outdoors while pedaling around on a bicycle? Whether you live in a city or the country, riding a bike can help you explore your surroundings while also providing incredible weight loss results. Bike riding is one of the best fun exercises to lose weight at home because you have total freedom.

There are a couple of different ways that you can incorporate biking into your regular routine. First, you can plan various routes around your neighborhood or city that will allow you to explore. This makes every workout unique and different. Consider low-traffic streets or roadways that have designated bicycle lanes. Second, you can start riding instead of driving whenever possible. Consider a trip to the store and then perhaps even bike for your work commute provided that the distance is not prohibitive.

Spin Class

While hitting the roads on a bike can be a rewarding experience, sometimes it’s not practical. Perhaps you don’t live in a bicycle-friendly area or maybe you have no room to store one when you’re not riding. Regardless, if you are going to ride at the gym the best way to go about it is to sign up for a spin class. Spin class helps motivate you to push yourself harder so that you can reach your full potential. Spin class lets you meet other people who can help you on your path to a thinner, healthier you.


No matter what, the more you can get out and be active the better your results will be. One fun activity that requires minimal planning or effort is to take a walk, plus you can turn it into fun exercises to lose weight at home. If you live nearby a park or other green spaces, we highly recommend that you start there. The fresh air and natural surroundings give you a peaceful sense of calm that can help boost your mood and make the walk even more enjoyable. Start with a light stroll and then move up to longer walks that take you around the neighborhood. Meanwhile, the peaceful surroundings let your thoughts drift away to imagining a better you.


Swimming is a fantastic way to get exercise without putting any pressure on your body. If you have aching joints or bones, then you need something that is low impact. Swimming is about as good as it can get as the buoyancy takes pressure off of your bones and joints while strengthening your muscles. Plus, being in the water can be refreshing and rewarding all on its own.

Video Games

When most people think of exercise, they don’t immediately jump to video games. However, there are a lot of great options out there that can help you get into shape while making it a fun activity to do at home. Here are some of the best titles to get you started. The best part is that these games represent fun exercises at home. Some of them even incorporate fun sports to lose weight, only these don’t require you to go anywhere or invest in sporting equipment.

● Wii Fit
● Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
● Active 2
● Dance Central
● The Biggest Loser Challenge
● Kinect Sports
● NFL Training Camp
● Zumba Fitness

Regardless of your skill level or weight loss requirements, these games can help you achieve your fitness goals.

How to Maximize Your Weight Loss

By now, you’re ready to start your weight loss journey. How can you be sure to get the best results without overworking yourself or doing damage? Follow some general guidelines, especially if you are starting from a sedentary lifestyle.

Limit workouts to three to five times per week.

  • If you do anything related to strength training that causes sore muscles, then space them out to every other day so that your muscles can recuperate. Each workout can be as little as 20 minutes or up to about an hour or so, but don’t go for too long. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good.

Eat healthy as well as exercise.

  • If you are still consuming greasy foods or junk food while doing these activities, you could wind up with little weight loss to show for it. Exercise is beneficial regardless of any lost weight, so we highly recommend that you keep up the good work even if the pounds are not being cooperative.

Stay hydrated while you work out.

  • You’re going to lose a lot of fluids during your exercise routine, so be sure to replace them as much as necessary. Water or sports drinks are your best option, as long as they don’t have a lot of sugar. Never follow up a workout with soda or juice.

In the end, have fun! The more enjoyable your activities are, the better chance you have of long-term success. Don’t expect to lose the weight overnight. Instead, focus on improving your skills in the activity and the pounds will shed themselves over time. Overall, if you enjoy the process of losing weight, then you are guaranteed to reach your destination.

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