Mega List of 100 Super Foods that Burn Fat & Stimulate Weight Loss


If you are trying to lose weight, changing your diet can be the most influential step in your journey. No matter how much you exercise, the basis of weight loss is being in a caloric deficit. This means you must be burning off more calories than you are intaking.

If you are looking to include fat burning foods to promote weight loss into your diet, choose foods which are nutrient dense so you can keep your calorie count low but the nutritional value high. Foods that can deliver both of these properties are known as superfoods.

The definition of a superfood is any food that is considered to be good for one’s health due to its high nutritional content. These foods will often not only have large doses of a vitamin or mineral, but will also contain several. This makes them great diet foods to lose weight fast because instead of have to eat many different foods, you can include a few superfoods in each meal of your diet to make the best combination of foods for health and for weight loss.

The Ultimate List of Superfoods to Help Supercharge your Weight Loss:



Packed with an incredible amount of fiber, about 4g per apple, have this as a snack to keep you full.

Acai Berry

More famously know for looking picture perfect when served as a smoothie bowl, it is also packing fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats.


They contain fiber and pectin which can help combat afternoon snack cravings and keep you on track for weight loss.


A very popular superfood for the past few years, they are high in the healthy omega 3 and 6 fats which help maintain cell health.


A native African fruit, it is more commonly found in a powder form which can be added to smoothies


Easily add these to any meal for more beta-carotene, flavonoids, and vitamin E.


A great choice for losing weight fast, it will help burn fat and help keep you full between meals.


Recover after a workout by snacking on these tasty sources of anthocyanins.


So low in calories, you can definitely add these to your list of slimming diet foods.


Just 1 cup contains 100% of your daily vitamin A and C.


Known for their potassium and overall versatility, it is easy to include these in your diet plan.


One of the original trending superfoods, you can’t go wrong with these antioxidant rich berries.


They contain a lot more than just vitamin C! Remember they are much healthier whole than juiced.

Goji Berries

Still a very popular reigning superfood, they are packed with nutrients.


Low calories and a refreshing taste makes it the perfect hydrating snack.


This sweet treat is easy to portion control to keep you on track for weight loss.


Loaded with vitamins, these will also help to aid in digestion.


Simply to add to your water for a hunger curbing drink.


Pair with lemons to add freshness to any meal or beverage.


Nutrient dense and full of fiber, these are great for when you are aiming to losing weight.


This contains a digestive enzyme, papain, which makes it beneficial as a light dessert after a meal.


Beta-carotene, fiber, and potassium are some of the main nutrients in peaches.


Keep your insides happy with its anti-inflammatory enzyme, bromelain.


This fall favourite is so low in calories you’ll want to use it for weight loss year round.

Kabocha Squash

This is the superfood secret of 2017! It has half the calories and carbs of butternut squash but still tastes great.


Refreshing and full of antioxidants make these a great choice for a snack.


A great source of antioxidants and an often cheaper option compared to other superfoods

Dried Dates

A sweet treat which also contains potassium, magnesium, selenium and copper


Algae Plates

Vegans and vegetarians haven’t had many food options when it came to omega 3 and 6 fatty acids until now. Algae is being called the superfood of the future.


This algae is one of the best options if you’re looking for a natural detox.

Water Chestnuts

This may be the next big superfood! It is rich in vitamin C and B6, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

Hot Chili Peppers

High on the list of fat burning superfoods, adding this heat to your food will challenge your digestive system to burn more calories.


he high potassium content makes this is a great superfood for women with premenstrual symptoms.


These make for a great addition to a detox tea or smoothie and are a good food to eat lose weight in the stomach.

Purple Corn

Grown in Peru, this variety of corn contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory anthocyanins.


Consistently on every top 10 superfoods list, don’t pass this by in the grocery aisle.


A cheap and easy to prepare superfood you can add to your next salad or stir fry.

Swiss Chard

This leafy green is extremely nutrient dense and should become a new staple in your weight loss diet.


An excellent heart healthy food option as long as you avoid the prepackaged varieties covered in oil.

Sweet Potato

A very good source of vitamin C, copper, and pantothenic acid to metabolize toxic substances in the body.


Unique among superfoods for their abundance of micronutrients like ergothioneine.


When paired with other iron rich foods, the vitamin C in broccoli will aid in nutrient absorption.

Bell Peppers

This superfood has even more vitamin C than an orange.


You’ve already heard of this superfood, but don’t overlook its high source of calcium, vitamins A, and K.


A staple when adding flavour to any dish, using garlic will also add vitamins C and B6 to your diet.


This is a great source of folate which increases mood and energy.


The high water content makes this superfood great for detoxing and always makes the list of what to eat to lose weight in weeks.

Brussel Sprouts

Maximize their nutritional value and digestive properties by preparing them steamed.


Its high water content makes it an ideal food for fast weight loss.


Not just good for your eyes, but also high in alpha-carotene which can help you sleep better at night.


A rising superfood trend in 2017, there is no shortage of new ways to use this vegetable.



A grain native to Ethiopia, if you are tired of quinoa this is the new 2017 superfood for you.

Sorghum Bran

This fine grain comes in many different strains, but black sorghum has the highest antioxidant properties.


So rich in fiber that it will help boost your metabolism


Yet another top superfood. The quality and amount of protein in quinoa is what make it such a popular weight loss food.


This grain has a low glycemic index which will help stabilize your hunger cravings.

Brown Rice

A well known superfood which delivers both a balance of carbs and proteins.

Whole Grain Sandwich Thins

This will help you avoid refined carbs and the prepackaged portions can really help you on your weight loss journey.

Animal Proteins


A new superfood on the radar for 2017, gelatin powder is made from the ground collagen of animal joints which can aid your recovery after an intense fat burning workout.

Chicken Breast

The perfect superfood for men looking to get lean.

Turkey Breast

An even lower fat alternative to chicken when looking to lose weight.


A widely renowned superfood for its healthy fats which are part of a balanced diet.


These are a good source of calcium, vitamin D, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids.


This carb free protein will help you shed pounds fast.

Egg Whites

Low-fat, low-carb, and a high protein source all in one.


White Beans

A great source of iron, fiber, folate, and magnesium.

Kidney Beans

Serve up these beans in your next meal to add the fiber and protein needed to lose weight.


A highly versatile source of protein that is best for weight loss when soaked and boiled rather than bought canned.


This will keep your diet high in protein for fat burning and muscle retention.

Black Beans

It is high in protein (15g per serving!) and has none of the additional saturated fat found in red meat protein sources.

Nuts and Seeds


This top rated superfood contains a high dose of your daily magnesium requirements, 77 mg per serving.

Chia Seeds

Not only will these deliver astounding an amount of protein, but it will also help regulate digestion.

Watermelon Seeds

A sprinkle of these roasted seeds in your salad will add extra crunch and protein.


Nuts of course can be high in fat, but these are filled with heart healthy unsaturated fats.


Avoid packaged coconut flake products and opt for fresh coconut flesh.

Flax seeds

Most widely known for as being a source of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, these continue to be a top rated superfood for weight loss.


These nuts are a source of fatty acids, vitamins, proteins, and fiber all in one.

Pine Nuts

Especially high in manganese which helps work alongside other antioxidants.

Peanut Butter

A rich and tasty option to add fats and proteins to a diet for males.

Almond Butter

Just as good for you as its peanut counterpart but it may not always get the spotlight because it is one of the more expensive superfoods.


Coconut Oil

The nutty taste of this oil can make it a new addition to your weight loss recipes.

Olive Oil

Monounsaturated fats help to promote stable blood sugar levels, plus its flavour easily pairs well with whatever you are cooking.



This cheese gets its distinct taste from its age but this is also what makes it so easy for your digestive system to absorb its nutrients.

Greek Yogurt

A high protein alternative to regular yogurt.


Contains biotin and folate to boost your digestive health.

Feta Cheese

While this does have a considerably high caloric count, a high percentage of its calories is actually coming from protein and it is also full of micronutrients like mineral chloride.

Condiments and Spices


This spice is perfect for stabilizing your blood glucose levels.


An ancient Incan powder known to boost energy levels.

Hot Sauce

This common condiment adds flavour and spice to your meal, helping you to burn fat fast.


You’ll want to add this in your next dish as it helps greatly with digestion.


So tasty and good for you! This light sauce made from other superfood veggies can help add healthy flavour to meals.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Choose a quality organic product that appears cloudy in the bottle. This suspended substance is called the “mother” and contains additional probiotic cultures.


This spice found in Indian food is good for weight loss so you can keep on enjoying delicious curries while burning fat.


This distinctively red-purple coloured spice ground from sorghum is packed with an incredible amount of antioxidants.

Cocoa Powder

Add this, the best plant based source of iron, to your next smoothie for a boost of energy.

Activated Charcoal Powder

Popular in the beauty world, this powder is known for its capability to bind to impurities which can help the body detox.


Raw Cocoa Nibs

These contain so many phytonutrients like sulfur, magnesium, and flavonoids they are undoubtedly an amazing superfood.

Green Tea

One of the original top superfoods, this detoxing beverage still works wonders on weight loss.


This makes a light and fiber filled snack but be sure to resist slathering it in butter and salty toppings!

Dark Chocolate

Not all chocolate is equal, choose pure bars with 70% cocoa or greater.

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